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You can live a very healthy, happy and satisfying life practicing Yoga and Meditation.

Whatever you do with full awareness will bring you joy and great results. And it all starts with staying tuned in with yourself…

With regular practice of Yoga and Meditation you can maintain peaceful feeling within even in the most demanding situations. That inner calmness is your best guide through your life.


You can enjoy your day-to-day life when you consider your needs on all levels – physical, mental and emotional. Both Yoga and Meditation are complimentary systems focusing on your entire being. Holistically developing each and every aspect of who you are.


You live in your body and by caring for it you invite blessings into your relations, into your work and into your whole life. Your body is your vehicle in which you travel through this world. So much as you take time to nourish it, maintain it and rest it – so will be your physical experience here in this life.

Yoga and Meditation are in the service of your physical body.

True Yoga and Meditation Practice is not for achieving any external goals. It is important to differentiate it from any forms of competitive disciplines where record objectives are gained by using the body – and unfortunately often abusing it with contusions.

Yoga and Meditation are to focusing on the real needs of your physical body in each present moment. You recognise and accept them with full heart. Then you address them with specifically designed practice.


How you think will decide your life choices, how you relate to yourself and other people. Your thoughts – conscious and subconscious – determine your belief-system about yourself and the world around you. Every day you interpret all information that reaches you through your senses or already resides in your memory. Your individual interpretation of yourself, others and your environment create the reality you live in.

Yoga and Meditation install in you a new way of perceiving the world and interacting with it.

Mindful practice of Yoga Asanas and Pranayama, truly feeling the body through each and every breath, move and posture increases level of your self-awareness.

Bringing about mental quietude through regular daily Meditation Seating improves your concentration and memory.


Your emotions trigger your thoughts and are the deeper cause of your actions. Your feelings drive you through life. How much energy you have, what is the state of your body and your mind depends on the emotions you experience short and long-term.

Specific movements and specific positions of your body held for longer time trigger respective emotions.

Simplest example is your emotional state in a stooping-closed-chest posture versus emotional state in straight-shoulders-back posture. Former triggers fear, indecision and low self-esteem. Whereas the latter triggers confidence, good mood and high self-esteem.

Your body has entire emotional map blueprinted in it. Your mind has such map as well.

Keeping specific posture of your body trigger specific feelings in you. And in the same way your habitual thinking patterns create your emotions every day.

By “resetting” your mind with Meditation you can “format it and instal” a much better “programs” of healthier and more productive thinking. Eventually with regular Meditation Practice you can simply chose longer intervals of complete silence and stillness within to preserve your energy.


How you carry your physical body has an impact on your hormones and they trigger your emotions and thoughts. Emotional and mental state you habitually stay in shape your physical aspect accordingly.

Yoga exercise produces hormones of happiness and Meditation practice produces hormones of calmness, most optimally reshaping your physical, psychological and emotional bodies.


Your inner happiness gives you surge of energy and allows you to deal with things with enthusiasm, confidence and ease.

Your inner calmness makes you focused, brisk and effective as well as allows you to know how much to do and when to let go.

Doing too much leads to burn out. Doing too little doesn’t lead anywhere.

True Yoga and Meditation helps you to find the golden proportion between action & non-action and it is the greatest lesson of life.


Focused asana practice makes you more aware on physical and energetical level.

You have specific habit patterns of how you use your body. How you sit, how you stand and how you walk. How you eat. How you talk. How you lay down and how you sleep.

Your body language is not just a physical manifestation of movements. It is also a manifestation of your energetic development.

You can modify the model of your behaviours through deep concentration on your body with Yoga Asanas.

When your body wants to do something automatically „as it is used to” – for example taking a bad stooping posture or leaning to one side „as usual” – you bring back the focus and make sure Asana is performed in perfect anatomical alignment.

When your mind wants to drift away after the chain of „usual” thoughts – any time you realise it happened – you bring yourself back to silence using your body as a point of mental attentiveness.

Practicing Asanas in this manner – on both physical and mental levels – corrects the habitual behaviours of your body and mind.

You will notice a very positive difference in how you use the body and how you think on daily basis. And it changes completely the way you feel about yourself and everything in your life.


First is your energy then your material manifestation.

Your thoughts are energy waves and they impact your energy. Even one thought can immediately change the state of your being.

In the same way the lack of thoughts altogether influences you tremendously in positive way. It is like giving a break to your nervous and hormonal systems from constant activity of modern life. Like putting your body on pause, so that your body can rest and recharge.

The brain uses up the most calories that we eat. It is shocking but mental activity takes up most of your energy. If the mind is agitated it robs your body from the vital force needed for normal physiological functioning.

By regular practice of Meditation, you can preserve your vital force and the body can finally have reserves for true healing and proper maintenance of itself.


Sense of peace is tremendously important for your health. When you are stressed, your body produces cortisol and adrenaline. These stress hormones block other functions of the body „until the life threat is gone”. Production of other hormones is stopped. It is a natural survival response.

In dangerous situation your body has to move faster to get through and remain alive, hence the stress hormones are immediately produced. They interfere with the production of other life regulating hormones and therefore momentarily block all normal bodily processes.

In normal life when we are close to nature such situation would occur next to presence of a predator or during dramatical natural calamity like flood, fire or earth quake. Once the danger is gone the body comes back to normal functioning again.

However, in our modern society fear and stress is a prevailing emotion on long-term basis without actual physical cause. It is purely a mental and emotional state caused by the overload of information through ever-present electrical media.

During “socially accepted normal level of stress” the amount of cortisol and adrenaline are maybe not as high „as when the actual tiger chases you”. But even in smaller quantities they are still present in your blood stream all the time and continually interfere with your basic life functions. Stress is indeed the biggest killer in the long run.

It cannot be emphasised too much, how important it is to bring your mind to calmness, stillness and silence.

Not giving importance to thoughts during your Yoga and Meditation practice on daily basis is a great way to improving your health, wellbeing and life quality.


Yoga and Meditation are in fact twin practices. No different at its core. There is a different approach and focus but the aim is the same – to overcome the mind and become its master. Mind affects the body, and the body affects the mind. In Yoga practice we work from the body towards the mind. In Meditation we work from the mind towards the body. Both practices eventually set us free from the sufferings of life. You can practice Yoga only, or Meditation only, or practice both Yoga and Meditation together. Which approach you chose depends on your personal preferences, as well as how your body and mind were developed from genes and through your education and upbringing. What practice you chose can also depend on your present life style and belief system. You can be more physical person or more intellectual person. You have developed different talents, skills and traits, and they can be successfully used in your individualised Yoga or Meditation practice.


Hatha Yoga is also a preparation for deeper or higher practice of Raja Yoga. Raja Yoga is in fact Meditation practice maintained in one Asana. Firstly, the body is cleansed and strengthen by Yoga Kriyas, Yoga Asanas and Yoga Pranayama. Until it becomes ready to be comfortably still for longer periods of time and receive higher forms of energy in Meditation.

In some Meditation traditions you can directly start from seating posture and by stilling your mind gain dominium over your body too.


The Yoga Style where you remain for longer intervals in the Asanas not only allows you to find better alignment in the body but also a connection to your deeper, more subtle, more silent feelings within yourself. Such practice can be called Meditation in Asanas or Meditation that uses the Body as a Focus Point. We can also call it the Yoga of Meditation.

The Buddha said that your human life is a very special kind of life you have as a soul that can live in different forms physical and non-physical. The human life in physical body gives you unique opportunity to grow spiritually.

Your body is a fantastic tool for grounding the mind. Thoughts carry you away, whereas the body brings you back to reality. If you recall how you are in your dreams, you may realise that your consciousness normally just snaps from scene to scene in scattered and accidental manner. Sometimes you might have a little control, but most of the time it is random experience that simply happens to you.

When you are in physical body it brings back your mind from all these messy journeys (from one chain thought and emotional reaction to it to another chain thought and emotional reaction to it). The body is like a reminder where you are, when you are, and who you are. By focusing on your body you notice more quickly when you drifted away and can simply pull yourself back by letting go of the thoughts.

Tuning into the feeling of alignment of the physical body is a very powerful way to bring about mental stillness and silence. Such Yoga Practice not only will dramatically raise the level of your self-awareness, but it will also be safe! Before your do something you will feel much earlier whether the movement and pose is correct or not.


You should always consider your individual needs and anatomical structure of your body. Your joint formation depends on your genes as well as how you used your body through childhood until it took fully adult form.

You may be very flexible and sit on the floor completely straight with ease. Or like most people you may need to use height under the buttocks for seating on the floor or even use a chair.

The greatest lesson in any self-growth practice is the lesson of acceptance and loving yourself just the way you are.

We are so bombarded by visual imagery that we have an impression as if there is so much perfection out there whereas our body is so “imperfect”. It can relate to your perceived sense of beauty. In Yoga and Meditation particularly, there is somewhat erroneous fixation on development of flexibility and strength, rather than what it was meant for – the self-awareness and self-growth.

Seeing the reality as it is and acting to meet your true needs indeed starts from acceptance. This topic is so important when we talk about meditation posture. You need to put your needs first and wants should come last. It is ok with practice to go deeper in poses both in Yoga as well as in your favourite Meditation Asana. However you shouldn’t interfere with your Meditation practice for the sake of trying too hard to achieve a difficult pose.

Seeing fancy photos in the books you might have come to the conclusion that unless you seat in Padmasan (Lotus Pose) you are not fit for Meditation. Or worse that instead of focusing on Meditation practice your mind chases the goal of achieving this pose at all costs.


In each and every culture and religion there is some form of Meditation or the other. Click this link to read about the most popular meditation techniques.

Student Testimonials

I enjoyed the program immensely. I am grateful to all of my teachers and classmates! Beata is an incredible teacher not only by what she teaches verbally, but also by the example she sets. The supporting staff was also generous and warm. The course was absolutely what I needed right now. Methods to “gather myself” and techniques to ground myself in a world that pulls at me. Much internal work was happening. I was more open, more relaxed, and more grounded. I slept better and ate better. My feet, especially the injured one, really began to change as well. I only hope I can sustain these benefits through home practice!!! Thank you for all you have offered!

Heidi Marben (USA) 64

Yoga Retreat

I appreciate a lot of the time I spent during the course. I felt that there wasn’t anything more in life. The people were very nice.

I liked to get into the yoga practice. It was my first time and I feel I improved my balance and my focus. The teacher Beata and assistants were very nice, patient and always willing to help the students, when they were not doing the pose right.

I felt more energy, more flexibility and more capacity for focus and balance.

I would like to learn more!

Pedro Miguel, 29 (Portugal) M

Yoga Retreat

I enjoyed the course, because I learned how to use the props.

I liked it because I practiced yoga before, but now I think I prefer to do this style of yoga with more consciousness.

I felt my physical body and also a lot more energy.

Gabriela, 25 (Mexico) F

Yoga Retreat

A great experience! Silence helps you to concentrate within you, your body and your mind. Beata (Shivani) guided us very well in class and also for the more practical things.

She irradiates a lot of experience; she gives good instructions and helps when help is needed. Her lessons about yoga philosophy were very interesting and helpful for our lives.

I liked the yoga method very much because it takes care of you and it works step by step, explaining also how one thing leads to another.

The yoga and meditation retreat overall was intensive, not too much, not too less.

Pia Traeger Silva (Germany)

Yoga & Meditation Silent Retreat

I enjoyed the course very much. I wished I would have joined the course much earlier.

It is a wonderful course and an amazing teaching. I am 32 years old and I realized that I wasn’t standing properly.

I like the teacher Beata and the assistants; they pay attention to every detail.

I actually was even more disturbed by my thoughts at the beginning, but it got better and I was able to concentrate.

You are doing great work to bring happiness to this world.

Thank you so much for helping me connect to myself.

Madhu, 32 (India) F

Yoga Retreat

Excellent! Attention to detail and personalised assistance for each student was fantastic.

Killivalavan Rayan (India) 42

Yoga Retreat

The course has been great. I learned and understood lots of connections between mind and body.

Beata and assistants are amazing and you built up a really close relationship.

I am also really happy with the support staff.

I feel less tension in my body now.

Lidia Montiel, 33 (Spain) F

Yoga Retreat

I really enjoyed my time here. The course was incredibly professional and pushed me farther in my practice. The teacher Beata was very experienced and precise. She was imparting vast knowledge. Her insights brought me joy and fun to the practice. I felt relaxed during the day.

Rachel (Israel) 34

Yoga Retreat

I loved the structure of the Yoga & Meditation Retreat; it was a perfect combination for intense Sadhana. I have gained so much from being in silence and stepping out of the mind stream. The asana and relaxation practices have taught me how to surrender on the physical level, thank you so much for it, my meditations have been so intense. I had frequent satori here.

Beata (Shivani) has been an awesome teacher. She teaches with great clarity & attention to detail, but it is easy for beginners to follow. I loved the philosophical insights & perspectives shared. Thank you Beata.

The yoga method has been the perfect thing for me at this time. Balancing the feminine aspect of my being has enabled me to release so much tension.

Sam Cook (UK)

Yoga & Meditation Silent Retreat

The beginner’s course that I attended was great. Every asana was laid out in systematic and easy steps and it was quite easy to follow.

The teacher Beata and the supporting staff were very helpful, checking and correcting every wrong pose and giving valuable tips for any difficulty experienced.

After this course, I feel as if my whole body is lighter, more open and flexible. And there isn’t as much pain in my body as before.

Pulkit Sharma, 22 (India) M

Yoga Retreat

I feel this was an opening to a very beautiful journey of my being.

Meghana Doshi (India) 31

Yoga Retreat

The course has been amazing, renovating and I learned a lot. It was very peaceful.

I loved every part of the teaching.

The teacher Beata and support staff are excellent.

I feel much calmer and my body feels better.

Kanehan Shetty, 30 (India) F

Yoga Retreat

I loved the atmosphere of the yoga course; it was really great.

The instructions were given step by step, which I liked.

Thank you for sharing!

I feel much more aware now.

Jen-Yi-Lee, 31 (Taiwan) F

Yoga Retreat

It is about getting aware of the true meaning of yoga. It is quite relaxing and my body feels light.

The course is amazing and I would love to visit again!

Our teacher is very helpful and pleasing. She has an amazing aura in herself. We enjoyed her presence every time she made adjustments to our posture.

I felt very calm and composed; I surely want to practice on a regular basis to keep up the same feeling throughout my life.

Kanika, 25 (India) F

Yoga Retreat

I had a very nice time during the course. It will be the beginning of a new path.

It is the most efficient teaching for those people, who want to be introduced to yoga.

The yoga course and teachings were great. The teachers always had time to help.

I feel more relaxed.

Nuno Ande Duarte, 25 (Portugal) M

Yoga Retreat

I liked practicing yoga and visiting all the places around, I enjoyed nature and the people a lot.

I really enjoyed the course; it is quite different from the rest.

Beata and assistants are awesome. They tell you every minute detail and are always ready to help. Also they point out a lot of mistakes in asanas, which is good.

I feel lighter in the head and feel my body has opened up a lot.

Nice work, keep it up!

Mudit Sharma, 20 (India) M

Yoga Retreat

I enjoyed the serenity and simplicity the retreat holds. It’s a wonderful & safe place to be and reflect. The course was very informative, enlightening, systematic and well-paced. The supporting staff is very cooperative and friendly. Beata is very patient and very attentive which I really appreciated. I feel grounded, more aware and at ease.

Parmin (India) 27

Yoga Retreat

I enjoyed the time at the course very much. All the people are very kind and helpful. The teachings gave me new realisations and knowledge. Beata and the supporting staff are experienced, caring & warm. I felt that they all really wanted to help us with new insights. I feel calm, relaxed and happy. I’m very happy I attended this course because of a recommendation from a friend.

Anna Frohm (Sweden) 55

Yoga Retreat

It is very relaxing, calming and full of fresh air at the retreat. You can see the green mountains and hear the birds chirping. I enjoyed every bit of it. The people are also very helpful and caring.

The teaching was extremely nice and uplifting and it is a great learning experience and full of knowledge.

The teachers are very good and without support staff I wouldn’t have been able to do the asanas properly. The teacher was super nice and had thorough knowledge of poses.

I am more relaxed, happy and calm from within. It was completely uplifting.

It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I would love to continue it!

Monika, 30 (India) F

Yoga Retreat

I enjoyed the yoga course, especially the last three days when I was more adjusted to the practice & more understanding of the aims. It was strange for me but now I’m realising it is powerful & I learnt a lot. I did like it! I liked the philosophy that was woven in. Beata is incredibly knowledgeable & I really appreciated adjustments from the supporting stuff. I feel more grounded & centred in myself. My body feels more open, physically & energetically. I feel more aware of the inner experience of my body.

Sarah Bennett (USA) 27

Yoga Retreat

I’m so happy to have this opportunity in life and I enjoy it a lot this time. I like the course, the place and the equipment. I like the teacher Beata so much. I like the way of showing the poses. With energy in formation and emotion. I feel more relaxed and more present in my body. I notice that I can change my posture in a good way.

Raquel Valencia (Equador) 33

Yoga Retreat

I liked the course very much. I’m going to take the calmness and the state of mind of the teacher Beata as an example for the way of living. I felt relaxation, emotional serenity and less pain in my lower back. Thank you 😊

Rebeka (Israel) 30

Yoga Retreat

Very good time. I felt the practice was good for me and very precise. The course was full and energising for me. The teacher Beata was perfect, also the supporting staff. They were very patient with me, and wanted me to do the exercise the best that I could. I start to breathe and walk differently and my lower back pain is not what I remember. Tnx

Mor (Israel) 30

Yoga Retreat

The focus on the course was very helpful. I’m used to Iyengar classes that are a bit different, but it was nice to do this course with another perspective. The teachings were precise and clear. Exactly what I came for. Instructor Beata and the assistants were very kind and helpful. The corrections were great. I wouldn’t be able to experience the poses so much without their help. I feel more body awareness.

Lotte (Netherlands) 30

Yoga Retreat

I really liked the classes and the attentive approach of the teacher. I really like the course! Good sensation. I really liked the teacher and the supporting staff. I felt a big difference between classes here and in Moscow. Thank you!

Daria (Russia) 28

Yoga Retreat

I enjoyed the course very much and learnt a lot. The teaching was very much in detail about asanas, body, mind & soul. Beata and the assistants were absolutely excellent. They were very warm, helpful and very motivating. My posture became better, more aware and my body became nicely stretched. Keep it up. Start teacher training in Goa. Thank you.

Minerva Jain (India) 37

Yoga Retreat

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