Nada Yoga is the Meditation in which you focus on the Sound as your means to achieve perfect Concentration. It is a very powerful technique since your mind becomes easily enchanted and entranced by specific frequencies.

In Sound Meditation there are External or Internal Sounds which you can use as a focal point.

External sound can be Mantra Chanting. It can also be a completely focused practice of Indian Classical Vocal or its Music Instruments. The oldest Hindustani Classical Music form of Dhrupad has a particularly profound Sound Meditation Tradition.

The sensitivity to Sound is gradually evolved through Hearing Meditation of the Ahat Sound (struck worldly sound), until the psychic or cosmic hearing sense is developed to hear the subtlest forms of Anahat Sound (unstruck primordial sound tracing the Meditator back to the origin of all manifested forms).


Inner sounds can be of two natures. First ones are the actual physiological (heart beating or food moving through your digestive tract) and energetical (energy moving through your energetic channels or ringing in the ears) processes happening within our body. The other ones are the spiritual primordial unstruck sounds within as you raise your awareness level and come closer to your higher consciousness. Clairaudience is a form of psychic or cosmic hearing received in the realm in-between the struck and unstruck sounds. The more refined the hearing sense the more capacity to understand the messages coming from clairaudience siddhi.

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Nidra in Sanskrit means sleep. Yoga Nidra Meditation takes advantage of the very special state of mind you are in while you are asleep.

Normally in waking life our mind is very logical and controlling. It denies any abnormalities and translates everything to squared reality as educated through childhood.

When falling asleep the controlling, logical mind relaxed and falls away. That is why you can have crazy dreams in which you fly or see pink elephants. It is a very special state of being and it can be used for a very effective and fast transformative practice of your psyche.

You can practice mental flexibility by Meditating within your Dreams. And these experiences are no different from experiences you have in your normal waking life. You can develop your skills, talents and personality through Sleep Meditation.

If you have a sense of achievement, of personal accomplishment within conscious dreams that energy is brought back to you to your normal waking life. The feelings in your dream can in fact be much clearer and much stronger than in your normal life. If you remember any dream from which you woke up in awe you can understand how powerful Yog Nidra Meditation practice can be as an experience.

By bringing full awareness inside your dreams, you can clean up and bring order into your subconscious mind. Something that normally even through your entire lifetime you might not achieve with other practices.

Yoga of Sleep and Dreaming appears in multiple cultures and spiritual traditions of the World. The Indian Yogis, The Tibetan Monks, The Red Indian Shamans, the Mexican Toltecs, the Astral Projectors of the Western Esotericism or Occultism, or the Lucid Dreamers amongst common people.

There are mostly 2 approaches to the practice. For modern people it is easier to wake up within a dream by programming such willingness throughout the day and following specific guidelines of dream timeline phases patterns. More difficult path and requiring a little longer preparation and practice is an induction of trance state to the level of dream without a loss of consciousness between waking and dreaming state.

Waking up within a dream is easier but also gives somewhat lesser level of awareness at the beginning and lesser control over amount of time in that state. You are aware, then you fall asleep and lose it, then your recollect some of your awareness.

Falling asleep with full awareness is more demanding as a technique and requires a lot of faith and patience. It gives full awareness and control over the period of time in the sleep state. You relax, and gradually go deeper and deeper until your body sleeps but your awareness is continuous.

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Shoonya in Sanskrit means zero. Throughout your life you have “learnt” who you are. All that education in fact has imposed limits on your personality.

Subconsciously registered messages you heard from peers, teachers and elders are playing like a theatrical act within your psyche. But since it is not a conscious process you normally do not recognise it is happening.

At moments of traumas or deeper experiences you might recall that you heard or experienced some things and it all created your belief system.

To become tabula rasa, the white board again, to have zero things written in your mind is the objective of any Meditation techniques to clean up your consciousness.

When you are “nothing”, you also fear nothing, there is nothing to prove and nothing to protect. Just imagine the feeling of relief, when you can just simply be nothing.


Ahimsa is a Sanskrit term meaning non-violence. Ahimsa Meditation is an internal interrogation and recognition of violence within you – whether it be in action, in speech or in thought. In fact it all start with emotional reaction, then the thought is generated, then it manifests farther either through speech or actions.

Non-reaction to what sprouts from seed form can prevent it to grow bigger and actually manifest externally.

It is not about rejecting anger or pretending its not there. But it is about being fully aware it is there and witnessing how it is trying to manifest, but not reacting to it.

Certain practices are more demanding. To overcome deep rooted psychological issues, to overcome painful memories and experiences strongly registered in our body may require time, perseverance and true understanding of the self.

First of all habitual reaction are like a very deep river through which the water of our emotions run. The more time the water runs the deeper the river bad becomes. Even if we take out the water the river bed shape is still there. Any breakout the water goes back to its old track. However, if patient application of given method of self-growth is maintained slowly the sand and silt will fill out the river bed until there will be no remnants of it.

Violence within us is like that river. From generation to generation inherited by humans. In some families it runs more in some it runs less. The meditation teaches that you can overcome inner violence and then no external violence can ever harm you.

If you do not possess violence in your energetic system, you become invisible to violent forms of energy. It has no hook on you. There are stories of the masters who can sit amongst wild beasts and yet are never attacked by them.

You can find scientific explanations to it. For example, animals are driven a lot by the sense of smell. If a prey is fearful, it secretes fear hormones which are felt by its predator and give it a signal to attack. If the violence is completely overcome it means there is no active mode of protection-attack and therefore no hormonal traces of the same. Different smell and different feeling of energy is next to completely peaceful beings.


Meditation can be understood as many different things in English language. Meditation can be understood as an action of seating on the floor in static Asana (cross-legged or Japanese style sitting on the heels) and trying to concentrate.

In India however in its original meaning trying to concentrate would be called Dharana, the actual Sanskrit word term for Concentration.

When you practice Dharan for longer time, you can achieve the state of Dhyan, the Sanskrit term meaning Meditation.

Dhyan or Meditation is not an action of trying to concentrate but already being in a somewhat effortless state of continuous concentration.

When you practice Dhyan for longer time, you can achieve Samadhi, which in Sanskrit means a Transcendental State of Your Being or Trance Consciousness.


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