Yoga and Ayurveda Workshop

Inspiring Workshop YOGA & AYURWEDA

Powerful and Practical Knowledge So Indespensable in Today’s Epidemic Times!

Yoga & Ayurveda Workshop With Beata

Discover your body type according to Ayurveda and how to easily adapt your lifestyle and Yoga practice to your individual needs.

Learn how the 5 Elements of Nature works on your health and well-being and how to harmonize your doshas – Body Energies – on the way to optimal health.

Your body and mind can function at their optimal level!! Ayurvedic Dinacharya is the most valuable knowledge of your circadian cycle of physiology. „Meet yourself” and discover when your various bodily functions are activated to adjust your daily activities for best time management, efficiency and health. Discover how diet can be your best friend and medicine!!

Health is an optimal physical condition, as well as emotional & mental lightness and satisfaction with life. Sign up now and join people who live healthily and consciously!!

Date ENQUIRE, Saturday & Sunday 4hrs daily, Warsaw, Poland
Conducted by BEATA STEĆ

Yoga, Meditation and Self-Healing Teacher. 18 years of experience.
10 years of internship at Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Center and Himalaya Shanti Ashram in India and teaching international Yoga workshops.

13:00-:14:30 Ayurveda Lecture
PRAKRITI TEST – Your Body and Mind Constitution Type according to Ayurveda
Introduction to PANCHAMAHABHUTA system – the 5 Elements of Nature
TRIDOSHA concept – the three basic bodily energies that make up your Prakriti

14:45-17:45 Yoga Session
A sequence of Standing Poses, Twists, Forward Bends and Rejuvenating Relaxations
Learning to align your whole body very deeply in All Asanas
Explanation of HOW TO HARMONIZE THE ELEMENTS in your Body and Mind THROUGH SPECIFIC ASANAS SEQUENCES, and how to adjust Yoga Practice according to your Prakriti.

17:45-18:30 Relaxation Session
Deep Yogic Relaxation with Guidance
Ending with Meditation and AUM Mantra Chanting

13:00-14:30 Ayurveda Lecture
Introduction to DINACHARYA – how to plan day and night to restore the natural cycle of your Biological Body & Mind Clock
Learning to healing and awareness raising DIET and LIFESTYLE.
TRIGUNA Concept – the Three Primary Properties of Being – SATTVA, RAJAS and TAMAS – and why it is so important to understand them for your happiness, health and self-awareness

14:45-17:45 Yoga Session
A sequence of Back Bends, Standing Poses and Soothing Relaxations
Further instructions on how to combine your Yoga practice with Ayurveda

17:45-18:30 Relaxation Session
Deep Yogic Relaxation with Guidance
Ending with Meditation and AUM Mantra Chanting

Yoga and Ayurveda are two ancient Indian teachings derived from the same philosophical background – Yoga for the spirit and Ayurveda for the body. Ayurveda is a traditional Indian system of conscious living and healing, dating back to Vedic times – the oldest existing books of man. Ayurveda teaches you about Prakriti (Your Individual Type of Body and Mind) and how the Panchamahabhutas (5 Elements of Nature) work in your body system at all levels.

This understanding is a powerful and practical tool to inspire you to change your lifestyle habits to improve your health and well-being. Ayurvedic knowledge provides clarity and success in Yoga practice, and conversely, through regular Yoga practice, it is easier for you to adapt the recommendations suggested by Ayurveda.

You will learn how to Refine Your Yoga Practice based on your own Prakriti – and its daily fluctuations – to strengthen yourself physiologically, energetically & mentally and follow the path of happiness on a daily basis.

The Intensive Weekend with Beata immerses the practitioner in the Essence of Yoga and Ayurveda – in both their aspects – philosophical and practical. During this workshop, the student learns everything necessary to maintain an Independent Personal Practice.

Beata, uses a scientific approach and awareness that will improve not only your practice, but also your everyday life. There are thousands of Yoga Asanas, but which of them are the most beneficial and necessary to maintain mental and physical health in our modern times?

The Intensive Yoga and Ayurveda Weekend is the answer to this question. It is both an introduction to the BKS Iyengar Yoga Evolution as well as a deeper immersion into the practice for those who have been training and teaching for many years.

The main focus point is to provide the necessary knowledge if you want to start your own practice or to improve it if you already are an advanced practitioner. It is a precise and detailed Study of Corrective, Rejuvenating / Energizing and Relaxing / Meditative Asanas.

In addition, this weekend provides you the basis for the practice of Meditation, explains how to sit straigth effortlessly, and how to stay longer in a sitting position without endangering the knee and hip joints. The Ayurvedic lectures and further explanations in Yoga classes help you see how to improve your practice through a healthy lifestyle and a harmonized physical and mental posture.

Specific guidelines for Therapeutic Practice are also given.

This Intensive Yoga and Ayurveda Weekend provides you the basic framework for complementary Yoga Practice as well as the basic knowledge of Ayurveda for health and conscious living.

Beata’s Time, Energy and Teaching inspires a deeper insight into yourself, encourages regular exercise and healing self-development concentration. The course is practical, motivating and, above all, experiential.

Student Testimonials

I enjoyed the program immensely. I am grateful to all of my teachers and classmates! Beata is an incredible teacher not only by what she teaches verbally, but also by the example she sets. The supporting staff was also generous and warm. The course was absolutely what I needed right now. Methods to “gather myself” and techniques to ground myself in a world that pulls at me. Much internal work was happening. I was more open, more relaxed, and more grounded. I slept better and ate better. My feet, especially the injured one, really began to change as well. I only hope I can sustain these benefits through home practice!!! Thank you for all you have offered!

Heidi Marben (USA) 64

Yoga Retreat

I appreciate a lot of the time I spent during the course. I felt that there wasn’t anything more in life. The people were very nice.

I liked to get into the yoga practice. It was my first time and I feel I improved my balance and my focus. The teacher Beata and assistants were very nice, patient and always willing to help the students, when they were not doing the pose right.

I felt more energy, more flexibility and more capacity for focus and balance.

I would like to learn more!

Pedro Miguel, 29 (Portugal) M

Yoga Retreat

I enjoyed the course, because I learned how to use the props.

I liked it because I practiced yoga before, but now I think I prefer to do this style of yoga with more consciousness.

I felt my physical body and also a lot more energy.

Gabriela, 25 (Mexico) F

Yoga Retreat

A great experience! Silence helps you to concentrate within you, your body and your mind. Beata (Shivani) guided us very well in class and also for the more practical things.

She irradiates a lot of experience; she gives good instructions and helps when help is needed. Her lessons about yoga philosophy were very interesting and helpful for our lives.

I liked the yoga method very much because it takes care of you and it works step by step, explaining also how one thing leads to another.

The yoga and meditation retreat overall was intensive, not too much, not too less.

Pia Traeger Silva (Germany)

Yoga & Meditation Silent Retreat

I enjoyed the course very much. I wished I would have joined the course much earlier.

It is a wonderful course and an amazing teaching. I am 32 years old and I realized that I wasn’t standing properly.

I like the teacher Beata and the assistants; they pay attention to every detail.

I actually was even more disturbed by my thoughts at the beginning, but it got better and I was able to concentrate.

You are doing great work to bring happiness to this world.

Thank you so much for helping me connect to myself.

Madhu, 32 (India) F

Yoga Retreat

Excellent! Attention to detail and personalised assistance for each student was fantastic.

Killivalavan Rayan (India) 42

Yoga Retreat

The course has been great. I learned and understood lots of connections between mind and body.

Beata and assistants are amazing and you built up a really close relationship.

I am also really happy with the support staff.

I feel less tension in my body now.

Lidia Montiel, 33 (Spain) F

Yoga Retreat

I really enjoyed my time here. The course was incredibly professional and pushed me farther in my practice. The teacher Beata was very experienced and precise. She was imparting vast knowledge. Her insights brought me joy and fun to the practice. I felt relaxed during the day.

Rachel (Israel) 34

Yoga Retreat

I loved the structure of the Yoga & Meditation Retreat; it was a perfect combination for intense Sadhana. I have gained so much from being in silence and stepping out of the mind stream. The asana and relaxation practices have taught me how to surrender on the physical level, thank you so much for it, my meditations have been so intense. I had frequent satori here.

Beata (Shivani) has been an awesome teacher. She teaches with great clarity & attention to detail, but it is easy for beginners to follow. I loved the philosophical insights & perspectives shared. Thank you Beata.

The yoga method has been the perfect thing for me at this time. Balancing the feminine aspect of my being has enabled me to release so much tension.

Sam Cook (UK)

Yoga & Meditation Silent Retreat

The beginner’s course that I attended was great. Every asana was laid out in systematic and easy steps and it was quite easy to follow.

The teacher Beata and the supporting staff were very helpful, checking and correcting every wrong pose and giving valuable tips for any difficulty experienced.

After this course, I feel as if my whole body is lighter, more open and flexible. And there isn’t as much pain in my body as before.

Pulkit Sharma, 22 (India) M

Yoga Retreat

I feel this was an opening to a very beautiful journey of my being.

Meghana Doshi (India) 31

Yoga Retreat

The course has been amazing, renovating and I learned a lot. It was very peaceful.

I loved every part of the teaching.

The teacher Beata and support staff are excellent.

I feel much calmer and my body feels better.

Kanehan Shetty, 30 (India) F

Yoga Retreat

I loved the atmosphere of the yoga course; it was really great.

The instructions were given step by step, which I liked.

Thank you for sharing!

I feel much more aware now.

Jen-Yi-Lee, 31 (Taiwan) F

Yoga Retreat

It is about getting aware of the true meaning of yoga. It is quite relaxing and my body feels light.

The course is amazing and I would love to visit again!

Our teacher is very helpful and pleasing. She has an amazing aura in herself. We enjoyed her presence every time she made adjustments to our posture.

I felt very calm and composed; I surely want to practice on a regular basis to keep up the same feeling throughout my life.

Kanika, 25 (India) F

Yoga Retreat

I had a very nice time during the course. It will be the beginning of a new path.

It is the most efficient teaching for those people, who want to be introduced to yoga.

The yoga course and teachings were great. The teachers always had time to help.

I feel more relaxed.

Nuno Ande Duarte, 25 (Portugal) M

Yoga Retreat

I liked practicing yoga and visiting all the places around, I enjoyed nature and the people a lot.

I really enjoyed the course; it is quite different from the rest.

Beata and assistants are awesome. They tell you every minute detail and are always ready to help. Also they point out a lot of mistakes in asanas, which is good.

I feel lighter in the head and feel my body has opened up a lot.

Nice work, keep it up!

Mudit Sharma, 20 (India) M

Yoga Retreat

I enjoyed the serenity and simplicity the retreat holds. It’s a wonderful & safe place to be and reflect. The course was very informative, enlightening, systematic and well-paced. The supporting staff is very cooperative and friendly. Beata is very patient and very attentive which I really appreciated. I feel grounded, more aware and at ease.

Parmin (India) 27

Yoga Retreat

I enjoyed the time at the course very much. All the people are very kind and helpful. The teachings gave me new realisations and knowledge. Beata and the supporting staff are experienced, caring & warm. I felt that they all really wanted to help us with new insights. I feel calm, relaxed and happy. I’m very happy I attended this course because of a recommendation from a friend.

Anna Frohm (Sweden) 55

Yoga Retreat

It is very relaxing, calming and full of fresh air at the retreat. You can see the green mountains and hear the birds chirping. I enjoyed every bit of it. The people are also very helpful and caring.

The teaching was extremely nice and uplifting and it is a great learning experience and full of knowledge.

The teachers are very good and without support staff I wouldn’t have been able to do the asanas properly. The teacher was super nice and had thorough knowledge of poses.

I am more relaxed, happy and calm from within. It was completely uplifting.

It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I would love to continue it!

Monika, 30 (India) F

Yoga Retreat

I enjoyed the yoga course, especially the last three days when I was more adjusted to the practice & more understanding of the aims. It was strange for me but now I’m realising it is powerful & I learnt a lot. I did like it! I liked the philosophy that was woven in. Beata is incredibly knowledgeable & I really appreciated adjustments from the supporting stuff. I feel more grounded & centred in myself. My body feels more open, physically & energetically. I feel more aware of the inner experience of my body.

Sarah Bennett (USA) 27

Yoga Retreat

I’m so happy to have this opportunity in life and I enjoy it a lot this time. I like the course, the place and the equipment. I like the teacher Beata so much. I like the way of showing the poses. With energy in formation and emotion. I feel more relaxed and more present in my body. I notice that I can change my posture in a good way.

Raquel Valencia (Equador) 33

Yoga Retreat

I liked the course very much. I’m going to take the calmness and the state of mind of the teacher Beata as an example for the way of living. I felt relaxation, emotional serenity and less pain in my lower back. Thank you 😊

Rebeka (Israel) 30

Yoga Retreat

Very good time. I felt the practice was good for me and very precise. The course was full and energising for me. The teacher Beata was perfect, also the supporting staff. They were very patient with me, and wanted me to do the exercise the best that I could. I start to breathe and walk differently and my lower back pain is not what I remember. Tnx

Mor (Israel) 30

Yoga Retreat

The focus on the course was very helpful. I’m used to Iyengar classes that are a bit different, but it was nice to do this course with another perspective. The teachings were precise and clear. Exactly what I came for. Instructor Beata and the assistants were very kind and helpful. The corrections were great. I wouldn’t be able to experience the poses so much without their help. I feel more body awareness.

Lotte (Netherlands) 30

Yoga Retreat

I really liked the classes and the attentive approach of the teacher. I really like the course! Good sensation. I really liked the teacher and the supporting staff. I felt a big difference between classes here and in Moscow. Thank you!

Daria (Russia) 28

Yoga Retreat

I enjoyed the course very much and learnt a lot. The teaching was very much in detail about asanas, body, mind & soul. Beata and the assistants were absolutely excellent. They were very warm, helpful and very motivating. My posture became better, more aware and my body became nicely stretched. Keep it up. Start teacher training in Goa. Thank you.

Minerva Jain (India) 37

Yoga Retreat

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