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Motivating, Healing and Empowering Yoga Workshop

Inspiring, practical, but also easily applied knowledge for healthy personality development and coping with the fast pace of life today.

Fatigue, lack of motivation, stress, procrastination, dreaming of greater success in a relationship or at work, but not acting to achieve it – these are examples of problems related to energy stagnation in your body.

Discover your hidden potential by activating the proper flow of energy in your body through specific asana practice and conscious stimulation of the appropriate areas of the body.

Adjust your rhythm of eating, activity, rest and sleep to regulate your energetic economy of body and mind processes.

Learn how to cleanse and open energy channels (nadi) and harmonize energy plexuses (chakras). Learn how each chakra relates to a different psychological aspect and area in your life.

Emotional and mental lightness and contentment in life is possible.

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Teacher of Yoga, Meditation and Self-Healing. 18 years of experience.



3.5 hour Deeply Concentrated Yoga Asana Session

A sequence of Standing Poses, Twists, Forward Bends and Rejuvenating Relaxations with an emphasis on Inverted Poses. Learning to align the entire body in Asanas very precisely from Foundations.

Explanation of Psychology from the perspective of Yoga – how the Mind is reflected in the Body and how to consciously practice for desired results.

1 Hour Yogic Sleep Session (Yoga Nidra)

Explanation of the specific Shavasana position.

Deep Relaxation – Descending to the Level of Yogic Dreaming with the Teacher’s Guidance.

At the end of the session Meditation and Chanting of the AUM Mantras.


3.5 hour Deeply Concentrated Yoga Asana Session

Sequence of Backbends, Standing Poses, and Calming Relaxations with an emphasis on Inverted Poses Continuing to learn the very precise alignment of the entire body in Asanas from the Foundations.

Further explanation of Psychology from the Yoga point of view, and how the mind is reflected in the body and how to consciously practice for desired results.

1 Hour Sleep Yoga Session (Yoga Nidra)

Guidelines for Practicing Your Own Sleep Yoga Deep Relaxation.

Descending to the Level of Yogic Dreaming with the Teacher’s Guidance.

At the end of the session Meditation and Chanting of AUM Mantras.


The practice of Yoga Asanas combined with Yogic Dreaming Meditation are powerful and practical tools for changing your habits of thinking and acting – and thus transforming negative emotions into positive, constructive and happy ones.

By removing tensions and opening blocked parts of your body, you can recharge your energy and keep it high after practice during the day time.

Precise alignment of the body in Asanas develops your sensitivity, self-awareness and is an excellent preparation for insight into your subconscious.

Yogic Relaxation teaches you how to release stress and experience true deep relaxation on a regular basis.

Yoga Sleep Meditation takes you on a journey of psychological transformation at the deepest level and allows you to experience higher states of consciousness on a regulated basis.

The weekend workshop with Beata is an immersion of the practitioner into the Essence of Yoga – into both its philosophical and practical aspects.

You will learn everything you need to maintain an Independent Self Practice.

In addition, this workshop also gives you a foundation for Deep Relaxation Practice and Yogic Dreaming Meditation.

With the practice of Yogic Dreaming (Yoga Nidra), you can maintain inner peace on a daily basis ensuring mental clarity, improved health and optimal well-being.

Most importantly, Sleep Yoga is also a very fast method of personal growth through expanding consciousness and achieving a constant, unconditioned state of inner contentment.

Beata, uses a scientific approach and awareness that will improve not only your Practice, but also your daily life. You will learn how to raise your level of consciousness to Strengthen yourself Physiologically, Energetically and Mentally and walk the path of happiness on a daily basis.

There are thousands of Yoga Asanas, but which ones are the most beneficial and essential for maintaining mental and physical health in our modern times?

This workshop is precisely the answer to that question. It is both an introduction to the Evolution of Iyengar Yoga and a deeper dive into the practice for those who have been practicing for years.

It is a precise and detailed Study of Corrective, Rejuvenating-Energizing and Relaxing-Meditative Poses.

Specific guidelines for Therapeutic Practice are also given.

Beata’s Time, Energy and Teaching will inspire your Deeper Insight Within, Encourage Regular Exercise and Healing Self-Concentration.